quinta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2017

Scratch 2 in Fedora

My 8yo son started to have what he calls "Robotic Lessons" at school, which is not actually robotics yet, but introduction to programming using Scratch.

The first time I heard about it I though it was great because I though Scratch was Linux compatible, due to it comes installed by default in Raspbian. However I was disappointed to know that it was not like that.

Fedora has Scratch 1.4 in the repos which is not the version he's using at school, so I tried to find information about how to install the new version. The problem is that the version 2 run in Adobe Air and despite it says that it runs on Linux, it's not all distros.

So, after a few attempts trying to understand what was missing to run in Fedora, I gave it up, installed wine and the Windows version of those products. It simply worked!

This would be a great candidate for flatpak or snap.

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