segunda-feira, outubro 19, 2015

CoyoteTM 0.8 - Match Your Desktop

Is this the last version? Not sure yet! Is it stable? I hope so - for my usage, it seems fine, please prove me wrong!

The nicest thing in this version are the four color schemes added. The idea is to match your desktop theme. I know, I know, four is a low number, but if you use the default Gnome or Unity themes, you are covered. If you use Numix theme, you should be fine too and there is the now old dark theme as well. Enjoy!

Here is the complete ChangeLog:
  • Fixed compilation warnings when including xpm files;
  • Removed borders from all menubar and toolbar buttons;
  • Added code to persist chosen color scheme and selected show all tasks option across sessions;
  • Added 4 color schemes, 2 light (the default based on Adwaita palette and another one based on Ambiance palette) and 2 dark (the previous dark one and the new one based on Numix palette);
  • Added read-only mode for notes fields, so use can select text. Before it was not possible;
  • Cancel pending work code refactoring done.
 You already know the link!

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