terça-feira, junho 06, 2017

GNOME Notes 3.24

This is awesome! I have done my first deploy as a GNOME maintainer:

GNOME Notes 3.24.

I started to work in GNOME Notes (Bijiben) on Feb 27th, 2017 to be exact, when I started to talk with Pierre-Yves Luyten, the former maintainer, about taking over his work in that module.

The last GNOME Notes release was about one year ago, on May 30th, 2016, and it was not even a stable one (3.21.2), so we were overdue for a new one.

The road was not easy though because we had to prioritize things and try to fix as many bugs as possible, in a short period of time. The biggest challenge: to convert from WebKitGTK+ v.1 to WebKitGTK+ v.2.

The good thing about open source and GNOME community is that everybody is willing to help. The whole WebKitGTK+ migration was done by Carlos Garcia Campos - if you read this my friend, thank you very much.

Lots of building and memory leaks fixes done by Philip Withnall.

There are others, off course, who contributed with smaller patches, bug reporting and menthoring.

In these 3 months working in this project I met very nice people, who's doing the heavylifting: Iñigo Martínez and Jonathan Kang. They were already engaged in the project, so it was nice to have them working hard, fixing stuff, reviewing patches. Thank you guys, I hope to have you around working side by side in the next version.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Georges Basile Stavracas Neto, for being so helpful and pacient answering tons of questions I throw him in a daily basis. He also helped with some bug fixes and to improve the preferences dialog layout:

Preferences dialog.

So, that's it for now. Much more to come. Stay tuned!

quinta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2017

Scratch 2 in Fedora

My 8yo son started to have what he calls "Robotic Lessons" at school, which is not actually robotics yet, but introduction to programming using Scratch.

The first time I heard about it I though it was great because I though Scratch was Linux compatible, due to it comes installed by default in Raspbian. However I was disappointed to know that it was not like that.

Fedora has Scratch 1.4 in the repos which is not the version he's using at school, so I tried to find information about how to install the new version. The problem is that the version 2 run in Adobe Air and despite it says that it runs on Linux, it's not all distros.

So, after a few attempts trying to understand what was missing to run in Fedora, I gave it up, installed wine and the Windows version of those products. It simply worked!

This would be a great candidate for flatpak or snap.

segunda-feira, outubro 19, 2015

CoyoteTM 0.8 - Match Your Desktop

Is this the last version? Not sure yet! Is it stable? I hope so - for my usage, it seems fine, please prove me wrong!

The nicest thing in this version are the four color schemes added. The idea is to match your desktop theme. I know, I know, four is a low number, but if you use the default Gnome or Unity themes, you are covered. If you use Numix theme, you should be fine too and there is the now old dark theme as well. Enjoy!

Here is the complete ChangeLog:
  • Fixed compilation warnings when including xpm files;
  • Removed borders from all menubar and toolbar buttons;
  • Added code to persist chosen color scheme and selected show all tasks option across sessions;
  • Added 4 color schemes, 2 light (the default based on Adwaita palette and another one based on Ambiance palette) and 2 dark (the previous dark one and the new one based on Numix palette);
  • Added read-only mode for notes fields, so use can select text. Before it was not possible;
  • Cancel pending work code refactoring done.
 You already know the link!

sexta-feira, setembro 04, 2015

CoyoteTM 0.7 - Lots of Fun

I was not expecting this but CoyoteTM have got to version 0.7 - huge number.
There are lots of changes in the code. I don't split between bugfix and enhancements, so here is a narrowed list of changes - check ChangeLog for more:
  • Changed window icon handling supporting fltk version distributed in Ubuntu among others;
  • Improved keyboard handling for list views;
  • Added window button for common usage functions;
  • Improved messages; and
  • much more.
 So, reach out CoyoteTM download page and Godspeed!

terça-feira, julho 14, 2015

CoyoteTM 0.6 - small improvements

Another day and another batch of changes - most fixes:
  • Added a task combobox in history view, so you'll know which task that history is refering too;
  • Changed remove button in history view to only remove history of tasks in progress. It will ask to open the task view otherwise;
  • Small fix to some parts where CoyoteTM was displaying Coyote TM;
  • Fixed spacing between menus and shortcuts; and
  • Merged canceled and completed view menu checkboxes to only "show all" now.
As usual, you can download it from sourceforge.
History view now shows which task you are working on
You just have to ask

segunda-feira, julho 13, 2015

CoyoteTM 0.5 - now with history view

The last missing feature was finally added: history view. I don't know yet how things are going to be from now on because this is basically the end of what I was wishing for this application (ok, there is the gtk port yet... maybe).
Everything now is a big WHAT IF:
  • what if I port it to gtk?
  • what if I start to use sqlite?
  • what if I consolidate task / project / person and now history in only one main window?
  • what if I connect it to cloud services (dropbox, gdrive, box,...)?
While I'm thinking about that, other projects are just too late to start: a project management and a small business inventory / order management. They are all much bigger than this one and I hope to be able to dedicate more time to these things which means less series and movies and more coffee and code.

Ok, going back to CoyoteTM, this versions adds more than just the history view, here is a short list:
  • Fixed task list view buggy multiselection by dropping FL_DRAG event
  • Changed task list view sort to sort by category and then sort by status
  • Changed don't start task behaviour to open history but in read-only mode
  • Added read-only mode for task edit window when status is: ON HOLD, COMPLETED or CANCELED
  • Added history view
  • Added desktop file for DE integration, besides application icons
  • Improved about window
  • Added --version command line parameter
Get it while it is still fresh @ Sourceforge.
Finally, we can't miss a screenshot or two:
Glimpse of the new features: application icon, history view and new about window
Detail of the new history view
Oh, where am I running this gourgeus application? Fedora 22 with Gnome 3.16, thank you very much!

terça-feira, junho 16, 2015

CoyoteTM 0.4 - No GTK+ yet...

... and not anytime soon.

I'm learning GTK+, it's nice but it is not as easy as I first though. It's a weird way to develop OO. So far I didn't like it but that might change in the future.

I decided to focus on the code itself and I could do a few things better in FLTK like changing the border type globally and decreasing font size.

Here it is how it's now:
Task List

Task Edit

I also added sort by column header in all lists, added some field validation, improved the workflow a little bit and fixed some bugs. For more info, please check the change log.

I really enjoy working on this little project and it help me keep my stuff in order. Please feel free to reach me or to fill bug reports or feature requests. Thank you.

Download Coyote Task Manager