segunda-feira, julho 13, 2015

CoyoteTM 0.5 - now with history view

The last missing feature was finally added: history view. I don't know yet how things are going to be from now on because this is basically the end of what I was wishing for this application (ok, there is the gtk port yet... maybe).
Everything now is a big WHAT IF:
  • what if I port it to gtk?
  • what if I start to use sqlite?
  • what if I consolidate task / project / person and now history in only one main window?
  • what if I connect it to cloud services (dropbox, gdrive, box,...)?
While I'm thinking about that, other projects are just too late to start: a project management and a small business inventory / order management. They are all much bigger than this one and I hope to be able to dedicate more time to these things which means less series and movies and more coffee and code.

Ok, going back to CoyoteTM, this versions adds more than just the history view, here is a short list:
  • Fixed task list view buggy multiselection by dropping FL_DRAG event
  • Changed task list view sort to sort by category and then sort by status
  • Changed don't start task behaviour to open history but in read-only mode
  • Added read-only mode for task edit window when status is: ON HOLD, COMPLETED or CANCELED
  • Added history view
  • Added desktop file for DE integration, besides application icons
  • Improved about window
  • Added --version command line parameter
Get it while it is still fresh @ Sourceforge.
Finally, we can't miss a screenshot or two:
Glimpse of the new features: application icon, history view and new about window
Detail of the new history view
Oh, where am I running this gourgeus application? Fedora 22 with Gnome 3.16, thank you very much!

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